Cookies Policy

The domain uses Cookies to gather personal information about Users such as their operating system and browser type, reference page, geographic location, internet provider, IP address, etc. Cookies are used to make browsing the site easier and to achieve better efficiency and personalisation of the services offered to Users.

Cookies are a tool used by web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors. They are small text files sent to the User’s computer to keep track of their preferences and to remember them the next time the User surfs the web. Cookies help to make browsing the site easier, improve the quality of our web site and achieve better efficiency and personalisation of the services offered to Users. Cookies are essential for correct web functioning given that they provide numerous advantages for interactive services by facilitating site navigation and usability.

Please note that Cookies cannot harm your computer. On the contrary, activated Cookies can help us to identify and resolve User errors or problems as well as to improve browsing our web site.

Types of Cookies

The types of Cookies we use are the following:

  1. In terms of the “lifespan” of a cookie (the amount of time that a cookie remains active on our computer) we can distinguish between two types:
  • Session Cookies: these are temporary Cookies that stay in your browser’s cookie files until you leave the webpage. They expire when the web browser is closed at the end of each User session, meaning that no cookie remains permanently registered on the User’s hard drive.  The information obtained with these Cookies serves to analyse web traffic from the web site. In the long run, these Cookies allow us to provide Users with a better web experience, improved content and easier browsing.
  • Persistent Cookies: these are stored on our hard drives and are analysed by web browsers each time we pay another visit to a webpage. Persistent Cookies have a specific expiration date and will stop working when they reach the expiration date.  We generally use this type of Cookies to facilitate services such as purchases and registration.


  1. In terms of the type of use that certain Cookies have, we can distinguish between:
  • Required Cookies: these are strictly necessary Cookies such as those whose purpose is to provide correct webpage browsing, or those which allow us to make payments for goods or services requested. Other Required Cookies serve to guarantee that the web site’s content loads properly.


Required Cookies are also:

  • For the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of communication over an electronic communications network.
  • Used when storage or access is strictly necessary for the provision of an information society service requested by the subscriber or User.


These two cases are an exception to the requirement to provide information about Cookies and obtain consent from the User. In this regard, the European Union Expert Work Group, in Article 29 of the Ruling 4/20123, determined that the following Cookies are excluded from providing information and obtaining consent from web site Users:

  • “User input” cookies
  • User authentication or identification cookies (session only)
  • User security cookies
  • Session Cookies for a multimedia experience
  • Session Cookies for load balancing
  • Cookies for customizing the user interface
  • Cookies extensions (plug-in) to share social content


For any other type of Required Cookies not listed here, the web site would need to obtain user consent.

  1. Functional (Analytical) Cookies: these Cookies allow us to analyse the web site, thus helping us to measure and improve its functioning.
  2. Third Party Cookies and Advertising Cookies: these Cookies are used among the Social Media or with external content extensions such as Google Maps. Also included here are Cookies used by advertising companies which publish advertisements relevant to user interests.

LABORATORIO DE REPRODUCCION CENTRO GUTENBERG, S.L. saves all of the information gathered with Cookies in a non-personalized format (with an IP Address). This type of information gathered by Cookies will not be used or revealed outside of LABORATORIO DE REPRODUCCION CENTRO GUTENBERG, S.L., nor used for unsolicited communications.


Appropriate Privacy – Managing your Cookies:

If the User wants, he or she has the ability to control, restrict or accept Cookies when installing or updating their internet browser. At any time, the User can restrict Cookie use by adjusting the Content and Privacy configuration options available in all internet browsers. However, if you choose to decline Cookies, you may not be able to fully experience all of the sections and features of the LABORATORIO DE REPRODUCCION CENTRO GUTENBERG, S.L. services.

For more information regarding the appropriate configuration of Cookies as well as their activation, restriction and/or disabling options, you can proceed to the Help Section of your internet browser to learn more:

  • More information about how to block the use of Cookies on Google Chrome
  • More information about how to block the use of Cookies on Firefox
  • More information about how to block the use of Cookies on Internet Explorer
  • More information about how to block the use of Cookies on Safari


Many internet browsers allow Users to activate Cookies in private mode meaning that the Cookies will automatically be erased after your visit to a web site has ended. Depending on which internet browser you utilise, this private mode may have different names. Here you will find a list of the most common internet browsers and the different names they use to refer to this “private mode”.

  • Internet Explorer 8 and higher; InPrivate
  • Safari 2 and higher; Private Browsing Mode
  • Opera 10.5 and higher; Private Browsing Mode
  • FireFox 3.5 and higher; Private Browsing Mode
  • Google Chrome 10 and higher; Incognito Mode


Relation and Description of Cookies

The tables shown here outline the Cookies described above which are utilised by the web site of LABORATORIO DE REPRODUCCION CENTRO GUTENBERG, S.L.:

Name of Cookie Cookie Domain Expires (Session, Persistent) Cookie Use (Required-Functional-3rd Parties/Advertising)
_utma 2 years Functional (Google Analytics)
_utmb Session Functional (Google Analytics)
_utmc Session Functional (Google Analytics)
_utmz 6 months Functional (Google Analytics)
PHPSESSID Session Required (Start session)


For more information about Cookies and your rights as a User, you can consult the guide about Cookies use elaborated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency: