IVF – Egg / Embryo Donation

What is IVF – Egg / Embryo Donation?

In Vitro Fertilisation with donated oocytes, or egg donation, is an assisted reproduction treatment in which we fertilise donor eggs with spermatozoids from the recipient’s partner or from a sperm donor. Afterwards, we transfer a limited number of the embryos obtained to the uterus of the recipient female so that they can continue developing naturally there.

With Embryo Donation treatment the female receives embryos donated by another couple; these embryos have come from the cycles of IVF the couple underwent and have previously been frozen. Embryo donation is a safe procedure that is carried out, without exceptions, in a private and anonymous manner, in accordance with Spanish legislation.

All gamete donors at our assisted reproduction centre have passed the required tests, analyses, psychological evaluation and genetic markers. Our donors undergo extensive genetic testing which exceeds the standard requirements enforced by law in Spain. Furthermore, the genetic testing will make it possible for your partner to undergo a genetic matching process if you wish to do so.

Our goal is to offer you complete security and assurance.

Stages of IVF – Egg / Embryo Donation

Both of these assisted reproduction treatments are divided into two stages: the endometrial preparation and the embryo transfer. Both stages are explained in detail below.

Endometrial Preparation

You can carry out this part of treatment in your home country. The doctor will tell you what medication is necessary to prepare your uterus and receive the embryos.

Likewise, we will tell you when you must undergo an ultrasound scan to make sure everything is correct and how to send us your results. You will receive assistance from our international department every step of the way.

Embryo Transfer

During this stage of treatment we will deposit the embryos inside your uterine cavity, meaning you will need to be in Malaga.

You can travel home to your country 24 hours after the embryo transfer. Once at home you should take a pregnancy test and inform us of your result.

IVF – Egg / Embryo Donation Results at URE

Both treatments at our assisted reproduction centre in Spain have excellent results. You can see our results here:

Cumulative pregnancy rate (including fresh and frozen embryo transfers)

< 35 years old       100%
35 - 39 years old       82.60%
> 40 years old       81.65%

Pregnancy rate per embryo transfer


IVF – Egg / Embryo Donation in Malaga, Spain

We recommend that you come to Malaga for the first appointment. This consultation is completely cost-free. Your doctor will perform a thorough examination including a review of your medical history, tests and reports. If we have all the information we need we will make an initial assessment of your case and start to plan your assisted reproduction treatment.

If you cannot travel to the first appointment we can hold it over Skype. This remote consultation is also cost-free and allows you to speak directly with the doctor, explain your case and ask us any questions.

First appointment:

In-person / Skype

1st consultation cost:


Minimum stay for treatment:

2 – 3 days

Maximum stay for treatment:

7 days

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