Same Sex Couples – ROPA Method

Same Sex Couples in Spain

In Spain it is possible for same sex female couples to undergo assisted reproduction treatment, thanks to comprehensive and open legislation. For this reason, many female couples come to URE Centro Gutenberg to have children.

With artificial insemination, in vitro fertilisation and egg donation treatments the sperm shall always be from a sperm donor and shall guarantee anonymity as established by Spanish legislation.

Legislation on this subject in other countries is diverse; thus, if your child is going to be born outside of Spain we recommend becoming very well-informed beforehand.

What is the ROPA Method?

One IVF treatment for couples of the same sex is the ROPA method: Reception of Oocytes from the Partner. It is an In Vitro Fertilisation treatment that allows both women to play a role in their journey towards motherhood.

With the ROPA Method one of the women undergoes the ovarian stimulation and follicle aspiration to retrieve the eggs. The other female will carry out the pregnancy and give birth to their child.

ROPA Method in Malaga, Spain

Given the particular nature of the ROPA method, as both women will be taking part in IVF treatment, we highly recommend that you come to Malaga for a first appointment. If you cannot travel to the first appointment we can hold it over Skype. This consultation allows you to speak directly with the doctor, explain your case and ask us any questions.

During this completely cost-free consultation your doctor will perform a thorough examination including a review of your medical history, tests and reports. If we have all the information we need we will make an initial assessment of your case and start to plan your assisted reproduction treatment.

First appointment:

In-person / Skype

1st consultation cost:


Minimum stay for treatment:

5 – 7 days

Maximum stay for treatment:

20 days

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